Case Results

$1,250,000.00 recovery for injured motorcyclist

Richard O’Dea represented a 53 year old motorcyclist struck by an elderly driver who failed to yield at a stop sign. The client sustained multiple vertebral fractures, a mild traumatic brain injury, a knee meniscal tear, and partial lower extremity paralysis. Mr. O’Dea was able to obtain a settlement of $1,250,000.00 from the at-fault driver’s insurer, representing all available liability and umbrella coverages.  In addition, the client was able to obtain disability benefits from his employer and Social Security.

$440,000.00 recovery for brain injury and wrongful death of parent

Richard O’Dea represented a teenage client who sustained a traumatic brain injury following a serious automobile accident in Wisconsin, which also resulted in the death of his father. Lawsuits were commenced by Mr. O’Dea who eventually obtained policy limits settlement from the at-fault party’s insurer for $100,000.00 for injuries to the client and $100,000.00 for the wrongful death of client’s father. Mr. O’Dea then pursued a claim for additional wrongful death underinsurance benefits from client’s father’s insurer. This resulted in an additional settlement of $240,000.00.

$265,000.00 recovery from injuries requiring lumbar surgery

Richard O’Dea represented a 70 year old client who was riding as a passenger in a friend’s vehicle that was struck on the driver’s side as they lawfully proceeded through an intersection. The at-fault driver failed to stop at a stop sign controlling her direction of travel. The client sustained an aggravation of pre-existing degeneration in her cervical and lumbar spines, and she eventually required lumbar decompression surgery due to the onset of symptoms of radiating leg pain. She obtained a good surgical result and returned to an active lifestyle. Mr. O’Dea was able to get the at-fault parties’ insurer to pay its available policy limits of $225,000.00 to his client, and he then commenced suit against the client’s own insurer for underinsurance motorist benefits. The underinsurance claim eventually settled for an additional $40,000.00. Mr. O’Dea was also able to favorably resolve Medicare and private health insurance liens that were being asserted.

$225,000.00 recovery for client who was rear-ended by a commercial vehicle

Richard O’Dea represented a 62 year old client whose vehicle was rear-ended by a large commercial truck while she was stopped at a stop sign. The force of the collision propelled her through the intersection. As result she sustained several thoracic vertebral fractures and was hospitalized for several days. Upon being release from the hospital she was unable to resume her long-time employment as a waitress. Mr. O’Dea commenced a lawsuit on behalf of his client and the at-fault party’s insurer eventually paid $225,000.00 to resolve the claim. In addition the same insurer was required under Minnesota law to reimburse the client’s no-fault insurer for the no-fault medical, wage loss, and replacement services benefits that Mr. O’Dea was able to secure on behalf of his client.

$222,000.00 recovery for injuries caused by drunk driver

Richard O’Dea represented a 21 year old client who was injured in an automobile accident involving an underage, drunk driver who had been served at a local bar. The client’s injuries included femur, wrist and foot fractures. He was hospitalized for several days. Mr. O’Dea commenced suit against the intoxicated motorist and the bar where he was served. The case eventually settled with payments of $100,000.00 from the at-fault driver’s insurer, $90,000.00 from the bar who served the minor, $30,000.00 from the client’s personal automobile insurer for underinsurance benefits, in addition to no-fault medical expense and wage loss benefits.

$180,000.00 recovery for cognitive decline

Richard O’Dea represented an 80 year old client who experienced cognitive decline following an intersectional motor vehicle accident involving an uninsured motorist. Mr. O’Dea brought suit against his client’s personal automobile insurer and eventually obtained an $180,000.00 uninsured motorist settlement.

$135,000.00 recovery for sexual assault by healthcare clinics employee

Richard O’Dea represented a 19 year old woman who was sexually assaulted by an alleged employee of a local healthcare clinic who was driving the client home after treatment. The clinic provided transportation services for its patients. The owner of the clinic denied that the driver was an employee. After commencing a lawsuit against the clinic owner and driver, and after fighting off an attempt by the clinic owner to have the case dismissed due to a bankruptcy filing, the client’s case was eventually settled for $135,000.00 paid by the clinic owner’s insurer. The assaulter is believed to have fled the country.

$70,000.00 recovery following commercial truck accident

Richard O’Dea represented a 31 year old client who sustained soft-tissue sprain/strain injuries to her neck and back, including a C5-6 disc herniation, after being rear-ended by a semi-truck on the freeway and rolling over. Her no-fault insurer paid out its medical expense limit of $20,000.00. After receiving periodic chiropractic care, physical care, and several neurological evaluations over the course of approximately a year, Mr. O’Dea was able to settle the client’s liability claim against the trucking company’s insurer for $70,000.00.

$20,000.00 underinsurance recovery following jury trial

Richard O’Dea represented a 40 year old client who was injured following a three car collision. The client sustained soft-tissue sprain/strain injuries to her neck and back, including an annular tear in one of her lumbar discs. Mr. O’Dea was able to settle the liability claim against the at-fault driver for her policy limits of $30,000.00. He then commenced suit against the client’s insurer for underinsurance benefits. Following trial a jury rendered a verdict resulting in an additional recovery to the client in excess of $20,000.00.

$172,000.00 liability and underinsurance recovery following head-on collision

Richard O’Dea represented a 48 year old client whose automobile was struck partially head-on as another vehicle crossed over the center lane into client’s lane of travel on a county highway. The vehicles were estimated to be travelling at 50 m.p.h. at the time of the collision and the force of the collision propelled the client’s vehicle into an adjacent roadway ditch. Her vehicle was totaled out. As a result, the client sustained an aggravation of pre-existing neck and back injuries and a C6-7 disc herniation was later discovered following an MRI scan. The client treated primarily with a chiropractor, but she also received several cervical epidural steroid injections. Following the collision the client was also assessed as having a mild traumatic brain injury. She remained out of work for several months during which time she was also unable to do her normal household tasks. Mr. O’Dea was able to obtain no-fault medical, wage loss and replacement services benefits for her. He also was able to negotiate a settlement with the at-fault party’s insurer after starting a liability claim lawsuit for the remaining policy limits of approximately $73,000.00. The client previously received a vehicle damage settlement of approximately $27,000.00 from the same insurer. In addition, Mr. O’Dea was able to reach a settlement of his client’s underinsurance claim with her own insurer that resulted in additional recovery of $99,000.00.

$130,000.00 recovery for hip socket fracture following fall at a business

Richard O’Dea represented an elderly client who shattered her hip socket after slipping on water on the floor of a car dealership’s service bay. Mr. O’Dea was able to get the car dealership’s insurer to pay $130,000.00 to settle his client’s injury claim. In addition, Mr. O’Dea was able to settle a Medicare medical bill lien interest for $23,000.00.

$110,000.00 recovery for pedestrian struck by a drunk driver

Ricard O’Dea represented a 24 year old client who was injured after being run over by an automobile being driven by an extremely intoxicated bar customer. The drunk driver had been drinking for several hours at the bar and was displaying obvious signs of intoxication. Despite this he continued to be served by bar employees. The client sustained a moderate traumatic brain injury, a cerebral contusion, a subdural hematoma, and road rash. He made a remarkable recovery. Mr. O’Dea pursued a dram shop claim against the bar that served the intoxicated motorist to excess, a liability claim against the drunk driver, and an underinsurance motorist claim against the client’s own insurer. The liquor liability claim eventually settled for $50,000.00, and the liability and underinsurance claims were settled for the available policy limits of $60,000.00.

$100,000.00 recovery for bicyclist injured by an uninured motorist

Richard O’Dea represented a 57 bicyclist who was struck by an uninsured motorist. As a result the client sustained a tibia/fibula fracture. Mr. O’Dea was able to negotiate a policy limits uninsured motorist settlement with the client’s automobile insurer for $100,000.00. Mr. O’Dea was also able to resolve a subrogration lien that was asserted by the client’s private health insurer based upon its payment of collision-related bills.

$690,000.00 judgment plus $50,000.00 recovery for sexual abuse

Richard O’Dea represented a young client who had been repeatedly sexually abused over several years by a family friend who was also a minister. The client was a remarkable young man who was undeterred by his past circumstances.  Mr. O’Dea was able to negotiate a $50,000.00 settlement with the insurer of the church that previously employed the abuser. Also, suit was commenced against the abuser. During the course of the suit the court granted a Motion to Amend the Complaint to add a claim for punitive damages against the abuser. Mr. O’Dea eventually obtained a judgment against the abuser for an amount in excess of $690,000.00.

$57,500.00 recovery from drunk driver and bar

Richard O’Dea represented a 29 year old client whose vehicle was struck head-on by a vehicle, going the wrong way up a freeway entrance ramp, driven by an intoxicated motorist with a blood alcohol concentration of .17. The drunk driver had been illegally served alcohol in the hours before the accident at a downtown bar. As a result of the collision, the client sustained neck and back sprain/strain injuries and two cervical disc herniations. The client did have a prior history of injury and treatment to his neck and back requiring chiropractic treatment. His treatment following the collision at issue consisted primarily of chiropractic, physical therapy and neurological treatment visits. The client worked as short-order cook and was out of work for approximately one month. Mr. O’Dea commenced suit on behalf of the client and eventually was able to securing settlements of $45,000.00 from the drunk driver’s insurer, and $12,500.00 from the insurer of the liquor establishment that had illegally served drinks to the at-fault driver.

$35,000.00 jury verdict for fingertip amputation

Richard O’Dea represented a client who sustained the traumatic amputation of several fingertips while assisting a fellow taxicab driver with a vehicle repair. While the client was working on the engine the friend turned the ignition switch and the client’s finger tips became entangled in the fan belt of the vehicle. Mr. O’Dea was able to obtain no-fault medical expense and wage loss benefits for his client due to the injury occurring as a result of vehicle maintenance activities which are covered under the No-Fault Statute.   In addition, Mr. O’Dea commenced a lawsuit against the presumed at-fault party and the case was eventually tried to a jury. The jury decided that both the client and his friend were equally at fault. Prior to trial Mr. O’Dea was able to obtain a stipulation from the defense that his client’s total damages were $70,000.00. After the jury’s decision regarding the comparative fault of the parties, Mr. O’Dea’s client recovered $35,000.00 for his damages.

$18,000.00 recovery for rear-end snowmobile accident

Richard O’Dea represented a 54 year old client who had been involved in a snowmobile accident involving another rider. The client was slowing to a stop on a snowmobile trail due to traffic congestion and blowing snow. While slowing, he was rear-ended by another snowmobile that was travelling to fast for conditions. The client’s snowmobile was pushed forward and he was knocked unconscious. The primary injury the client sustained was a displaced sacroiliac joint. The client received physical therapy and incurred medical bills. The other rider’s homeowner’s insurer did not initially offer anything to resolve the case. Mr. O’Dea place the case in suit and it proceeded to trial. The jury rendered a verdict finding the client to by 10% at fault, and the other rider 90% at fault. In addition, the jury awarded client the full amount of his past medical bills, pain and suffering damages, and wage loss. The total recovery by the client was $18,000.00.


$80,000.00 recovery for rear-end truck accident

Richard O’Dea represented a young lady who sustained injuries including a broken nose, chronic headaches, cervical and lumbar sprain/strain injuries, and a L4-5 disc herniation, after her vehicle was rear-ended by a commercial truck.  Treatment consisted of a septoplasty and closed reduction of client’s nasal fracture, courses of physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic treatment, and orthopedic and neurological evaluations.  The client collected all available no-fault medical expense benefits from her personal insurer, private health insurance paid additional healthcare bills, and the liability claim against the at-fault party settled for $80,000.00.  The commercial vehicle insurer also reimbursed the client’s no-fault insurer for benefits paid on behalf of client, pursuant to the No-Fault Commercial Vehicle Indemnification Statute.